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There’s a hot new service available with Peak Property Services this summer! We have added professionally trained Hot Tub Technicians to our staff and they are ready to install, maintain, and open your hot tubs for the season. We are also introducing a new tiered pricing subscription structure that allows you to decide which package components you need for your hot tub, how often you’d like them performed, and a set and solid monthly price. Convenience, quality, and service: that’s what we believe in.

How Our Hot Tub Service Works

The Hot Tub Subscription Service is designed to allow you to get as much value as you need, at a price you can expect. We are offering three tiers that vary in scope and frequency. The Gold Tier offers it all. With four Tub Wash and Refills as well as Bio Film Cleans, Filter Rinses, Chemistry Balances, and a dozen other criteria all performed weekly, you get a spotless tub and the value of its longest lifetime. The Silver and Bronze Subscriptions include many of the same services, but performed less frequently. Feel free to Contact Us for details about each service and which is best for you and your tub.

Hot Tub Maintenance

The PEAK Difference

Like with all of our property management services, our Hot Tub Technicians will do far more than just maintain your spa. Each time they arrive on the property, they are the eyes and the ears. They’ll take note of fallen or hazardous tree limbs, rips in window screens, parched flower beds, or any other aspect of the property that needs extra attention from our team. Every time one of our service members visits the property, they always leave with a few extra To-Do items to ensure each property is being perfectly maintained.  

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More Than Hot Tubs

There’s so much more to the summer season than your Hot Tub, and we’re prepared to help you with it all. Not only are we cleaning and maintaining Hot Tubs this season, but we’ve also been building new foundations and installing brand new Tubs! We’re also known for Caretaking, Gardening, Lawn Care, Home Repairs, and our Handy Man Services. As we head into Summer, we’d love to chat about you and your property. The grass really might be greener on our side!

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