Prepare Your House for Winter

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It’s easy to forget about winter after a beautiful summer in New England. However, at some point we have to accept that the snow will be here soon. There are several steps you can take to get inside and out ready for winter and the following spring. This is Vermont after all, so we know some big weather is on the horizon. You’ll find my tips and suggestions below. 

Prepare Your House For Winter

Winter home care services WilmingtonIs your roof ready for snow and ice? No leaves or moss on the shingles? Ice can attach to these and build around them so it’s important to have things clean and clear before the snow starts falling. We also need to keep your gutters clear and keep an eye out for branches or trees that could become hazardous. 

Little problems like a rut in your driveway or an old limb hanging above the garage can become much more serious once the snow, ice, and frost of winter start building up. We always recommend taking care of these little issues when they are still little. These are all things we are happy to monitor and manage for you. Just give us a call.

Getting Your Lawn and Grounds in Order

fall in vermontBefore leaves start falling, make a plan for their cleanup. Some people love raking but if that’s not your ideal fall activity, give us a call. If your lawn needs to be fertilized or seeded, the fall is also the best time to do it.

How is your driveway looking? Paths to your garage, steps to your porch, or the main driveway can all go from bad to worse in the winter. If there are repairs that need to be made, let us know and we can help get things smooth and functional before winter blows in. While we’re talking about driveways and walkways, remember to keep snow removal and maintaining the accessibility of your home in mind.

Keeping Your House a Home

Tree maintenance WilmingtonHow will you be heating your home this winter? Is your fuel supplier organized? Do you need firewood? Pellets? Is your delivery driver going to have a hard time getting to the propane tanks? There are so many questions to answer, but the main thing we want you to think about is staying warm and cozy.

Heat loss through air leaks can be a huge cost. Consider an Efficiency Vermont energy audit. From that, you can implement targeted air sealing methods which you may be reimbursed for as a thank-you for keeping Vermont more energy efficient.

Ever considered a backup power or heat source? Wood stoves are great and generators can be a lifesaver in this part of the world. However, not all generators are built the same. It’s possible to install a transfer switch on your house and keep a portable generator in the garage or shed. You could also opt for the convenience of a permanent generator that hooks up to your propane supply and automatically starts when the power goes out! 

Peak Offers House Cleaning

Airbnb Wilmington VermontPPS offers a full line of cleaning and turn-over services. If you’ve got a family home, a place you love to vacation, or you’re renting out via AirBnB or other services, give us a ring. We can make sure your home is clean and prepped for you, your guests, or your renters.

That’s all for now! If you have any questions about your property or how best to get your house prepared for a safe and efficient winter, we’ll be here. Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible so all you have to do is enjoy your home.

-Jake, 802-266-2244


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