Spring Cleanup Checklist: Lawn, Home, and Grounds

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The temperatures are creeping up, the snow is disappearing, and soon we’ll be headed for Summer in Vermont! After winters like ours, we know there’s bound to be an ever-growing list of fixes, repairs, cleaning jobs, and everything in between. When the snow melts, the work begins. Here are a few things to keep an eye out for in late-winter and prepare to work on in early-spring. 

Getting Your Home Ready for Spring

There’s a laundry-list of ways the winter can take a toll on your home, inside and outside. In order for your property management team to effectively meet your needs, we’ll need to know what services ought to be on the agenda. Take a look around the house and take note of any of these things we might need to schedule ways to repair, clean, or service.

Home maintenance and repairs
  • Disrupted or Missing Shingles
  • Driveway and Stonework Cracks
  • Siding, Roofing, or Assistance with Repairs
  • Dirt and Grime in Need of Pressure Washing
  • Utility Servicing or Inspections
  • Deep Interior Cleanings
  • Window Repairs and Washing
  • Dryer Duct Cleaning
  • Clean-Outs (estate sales, basement clean outs, barn clean outs, garage etc)

Getting Your Lawn and Grounds Ready for Spring

Got any big landscaping projects planned? If you’re hoping to make major changes to your property this summer, that could impact the prep work that needs to be done in the spring. If it’s just the usual lawn mowing and gardening that summer will bring, the work done in the spring can make all the difference. Here are some things to plan for this spring. 

Lawn maintenance Wilmington
  • Lawn or Grass Repairs
  • Clearing Branches and Debris
  • Tree Evaluation or Stump Removal
  • Garden Prep and Planning
  • Lots More Lawn and Grounds Work

Hot Tub Care Services

Ready to clear off the snow and take a toasty dip? We are adding a new set of services this April. We have added two trained hot tub technicians to our staff to ensure that we can meet your needs with our usual standard of care. What does hot tub service include?

  • Routine Checks
  • Water Changing
  • Cleaning
  • Chemistry
  • Troubleshooting
  • Seasonal Opening and Closing

Early Season Fire Wood

Winter is barely leaving our view, but Spring is the best time to order fire wood and lock in lowest prices for green wood. We’ve placed quantities on hold for our clients and the Peak team will pick up, deliver, and stack your wood for you. Get your order in soon!

Property Management and Maintenance

As we head for spring, the most important way to prepare for summer is to communicate with your team. We can’t do our best work for you if we don’t know what needs to be done. This summer will be important to us all as we hope to resume our favorite activities and gatherings. If you’re in need of a service, we’d love to chat.

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